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ROTO-Q 360™ Basic + SKEWER SET


  • Enjoy delicious rotisserie at home anytime with Roto-Q 360 No electricity or gas required Easy to use, no need for ultra-strong arms or special equipment Cooks food to tender perfection for amazing taste Now everyone can enjoy the convenience and flavor of rotisserie at home
  • First non-electrical self-rotating rotisserie ever Transforms everyday cooking appliances into a state-of-the-art rotisserie kit Powered by kinetic energy for self-rotating motor Easy to use: simply twist the rotisserie turner knob to start Powers itself for up to an hour at a time For larger meats, twist again halfway through cooking
  • Rotisserie Skewer Set: Only Compatible With The ROTO-Q 360 Rotisserie Machine. This Skewer Set allows you to upgrade your existing ROTO-Q 360 rotisserie machine.
  • Enhanced Cooking Experience: When our basket is combined with the ROTO-Q 360 it will transform your conventional oven, air fryer, or BBQ grill into a rotisserie powerhouse!
  • This amazing rotisserie Skewer Set combined with the ROTO-Q 360 rotisserie fits in almost any home conventional oven, on your fire pit, BBQ grill, over a campfire or inside a smoker. The unit measures 17” x 7.4” x 7.4”
  • • NonElectric Self-Rotating
    • Light Weight 2.5kg |
    A4 Compact Size
    Dishwasher Safe

     Indoor & Outdoor 

     5lb Max Load

     1 Hour Max Rotation

     1 Year Warranty
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@scaleandtailor BRISKET on a STICK. These brisket lollipops done burnt ends style with my @RotoQ360 rotisserie was juicy with chunky bark with each bite. You will love these 😍 #Brisket #BurntEnds #fypシ #FoodTok #BBQFood #BeefRecipes #Rotisserie ♬ Bad To The Bone - George Thorogood & The Destroyers
Weight 7.8 lbs
Dimensions 13.4 × 10.4 × 6.2 in


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