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World's First Non-Electric Rotisserie

non-electric rotisserie roto-q360


The best rotissrie ever!


ROTO-Q 360

Base Model $149.95

ROTO-Q 360

Family-Q Bundle $199.00

ROTO-Q 360

Pitmaster $239.00

Rotisserie Cuisine Anytime You Want It !

Breathe new life into your kitchen and start producing restaurant-quality, tender crisp juicy rotisserie-style fare in your very own home Today.

Pop it in your oven !

This innovative cooking gadget is compatible with any conventional oven, gas/charcoal grill smoker, fire pit, and more.  Start turning your home cooking appliance into a state-to-the-art rotisserie machine.                       

Indoor / Outdoor - Enjoy rotisserie on to go

Simply place ROTO-Q 360 on indoor/outdoor grill or fire pit as a heating source and let the magic of the ROTO-Q 360 rotisserie do the rest. 


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Camping Day With Roto-Q

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Epic Recipe

Hi Team Roto, i do my first chicken on the Roto, perfect and so easy to use.

I only have one big problem with this thing. My whole family wants now one.

Where can I order one and maybe a little bit longer version for 2 chickens. I have 3 kids and one is not enough. 🤣🤣

-Franz Radl


"Where the world can't stop you from creating your own perfect rotisserie."

Finally test the product and it did what I expected it to do. While it was a simple meal – just marinaded chicken legs of an adults chicken (so huge) – it worked even better than my usual methods which already work well.

It was also reasonably easy to clean.

Peter Brülls



I absolutely love my RotoQ!! I have used it so many times, still have a bunch of accessories I need to try but it is great for rotisserie chicken on the BBQ. 

-Geoffrey Burridge


Stunning finally my brother in law opened his present (belated) for his birthday and was over the moon with the bundle and all the bits. Superb quality of product. He had it running on the bbq in an hour of opening. Thanks guys

-DianaJason Upton-Crouch


I am so very happy with my RotoQ-360. So far I have made rotisserie chicken, roast beef, and kebabs. Tonight chicken legs in the cage. My only regret is not getting the square cage. When will you be selling accessories?

-Rita Jackson

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